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Konstantin Reka
Software Developer


Who I am.


Konstantin Reka Alekseevich, Male, 29 years, born on 12 December 1987


Full time, part time, project work


Full day, shift schedule, flexible schedule, remote working


Incomplete higher education at Arkhangelsk State Technical University - College of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Software of computer technology and automated systems


Russian — native
English — upper intermediate


Citizenship: Russia
Permission to work: Estonia, Russia

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What I can.



Additional language:



.Net, .Net Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET MVC Core, Entity Framework

Additional technologies:

WCF, WPF, Silvelight, ADO.NET

Version control:

TFS, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, SVN, HG, GIT, Perforce


Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code


MS SQL Server, Oracle

Development processes:

Scrum, Agile, Continuous Integration

Programming achievements:

The winner of the regional programming contest 2003.

You should know

Professional things.

I'm crazy about clean code, correct architecture, new technologies and always latest IDE updates.

I hate when people write ugly things, don't want to learn, don't accept existence of technical dept, afraid of new, don't want criticise, and reject refactoring.

Quality is my goal, it's something like zen. In other words - if I do something bad then I feel myself bad, and if do something good then I feel myself good. I accepted that not always you can have a time for act like this, but a know that you always can find time later to solve. And I always have that in my head - “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.”

. . . . . .

Personal things.

I'm 100% music addicted person, playing on guitar and trumpet. Passionate about gypsy jazz and instrumental hop things. My wife is a singer, so you can definitely say that music is second part of my soul.

I've spend almost 2 years traveling around South East Asia, passed whole India by bike, survived earthquake in Nepal, but lost my appendicitis there.

I like to travel, meet new people, be in crazy situations and etc. So, if your company situated in amazon's jungles and you are making IT projects for aborigens then don't hesitate to write me immediately.


More of My Credentials.

I have spent around 9 years working with different companies. Further you can have detailed information. All work experience and education was approved by HireRight company.


March 2017 — Until now


Tallinn, Estonia,

Java Developer

Java 7, Junit, JMockit, Jenkins, tomcat, git, ad-hoc.

I've spent most of the time dealing with main company product - ACS. Bug fixing, features implementation nothing interesting except deep dive into new for me Java env and all that FreeBsd stack.

I did some ci improvements there: improved jenkins setup, automatic pull request building, sonarqube analyse.

Also i've tried to improve test workflow in project(unit, component, integration testing, dockerstyle selenium tests), but this process still ongoing.

April 2016 — December 2016


Tallinn, Estonia,

Senior Software Engineer

Microservices, Java 8, TestNG, JMockit, rabbitMQ, Jenkins, git, Agile.

It was classified cloud alternative of already made software, but as it usually happens with nice projects, was closed due to lack of funding and human resources.

We had everything: Jankins build machines, DevOps from India, our java cloud framework, Rabbit as a messaging service, several testers, Pull Request workflow, automation, integration, unit tests and >80% coverage rule.

That was a nice time, but it ended by hand of "reducing costs" program.

June 2013 — November 2015


Moscow, Russia,

Senior ASP.NET MVC Developer

ASP.NET MVC, C#, MSSQL, Dapper, EntityFramework, Orchard CMS

They have started like a "startup", Teledoctor project(1st place in Forbes competition by the way). Several guys with passionate leader and strong wishes to conquer the world.

I've joined them, when they had a bunch of spaghetti code, DAL as one file, and etc. They where looking for strong developer who will rise level of the project and team.

I got 25% less of my usual salary, percent from project, and freedom. I could work from everywhere.

And yep, we had 100% remote team/work experience.

It was a nice time: online medical care service, server-side development, optimisation and development of system processes, code review, project architecture and database architecture design implementation.

Our investor ran away, so boss made decision to change goals and we became medical care IT integration company. After that we have made several nice working and good looking projects for other companies.

But we had almost 100% deadline process, and, you know, you cannot live in that atmosphere for more than two years.

Almost all projects was web and medical oriented. Around four or five, I cannot remember already.

February 2009 — July 2010

Cegedim Dendrite Russia

Moscow, Russia,

.Net Developer

C#, WPF, XAML, Silvelight, Winforms, ADO.NET.

International company with French roots and strict business politics. They obligated me to wear black suit and white shirt. Insane! But my team leader was very intelligent guy, who accept using WPF for legacy project, and did right decision. I'm still grateful for that ability to learn something new.

Development of several client-side applications.

All the time

Freelance or my own projects


Full stack developer

Trading robots for P2P land market

ASP.NET MVC Core, .Net Core, F#, C#, Mono

Client Realty Management System

ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework

Development desktop and web applications for realty.

WPF, NHibernate, MSSQL, ASP.NET MVC 2.

Assist in development of internet banking system.

ASP.NET MVC 2, Entity Framework, MSSQL.

Development of Hr protal.


Assist in development of online testing system.



November 2015 — March 2016

Head Point

Moscow, Russia, Moscow,

Senior .Net Developer

ASP.NET MVC, C#, MSSQL, Entity Framework, xUnit.

I was waiting for relocation into Estonia(visas, and other nasty documents), so I decided not to spend time and find some short-term job. One my ex-colleague ask me to join them on the project where I was participant some time ago(Step Logic, Video monitoring).

Nothing special: monolithic architecture, long living pull requests, code style craziness, lack of tests, 100 lines methods.

My role was very simple: develope couple independent components and unit tests for them.

July 2010 — October 2012

StepLogic(Интернет фабрика)

Moscow, Russia,

ASP.NET MVC Developer

That's was a great place for growing fast. Huge amount of projects, always on the edge of technologies, very skillful team. It was integration company, which spend most of the time with government clients. In one month you can do project on BizTalk, on other chat client for IPad, and at the end innovative vide monitoring system.

I was there on different positions, started from Middle Developer and grow up to Team Leader. Gain huge amount of skills and get some kind of passion about quality.

Team was amazing, they all was hight skilled programmers who always want to share their knowledges and they was interested in many different things. Very motivating and interesting people. I still dreaming to be in such team again.

Development of government HR portal.

ASP.Net, JavaScript, jQuery, WCF, T-SQL (MS SQL Server).

Assist in development of file transfer system on BizTalk.

ASP.NET MVC 2, BizTalk, WPF, Entity Framework, T-SQL (MS SQL Server).

Development of server-side part of Office Communicator Ipad client.


Development of UEC (Universal electronic card) portal in teamlead role.

ASP.NET MVC 3, WCF, Entity Framework 4, T-SQL (MS SQL Server), JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX.

Development of the video monitoring portal for Moscow city cameras.

ASP.NET MVC 3, Code Contracts, WCF, Entity Framework 5, T-SQL (MS SQL Server), JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX.

July 2007 — July 2008

KoeGel IC

Moscow, Russia,

.Net Developer

C#, Winforms, ADO.NET, MSSQL

Development of several client-side applications. Database architecture design and development. Development of inner Erp system.


I'm Available for Freelance, Office or Remote Contract Work. Feel Free to Contact Me.

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Phone: (+372) 5463 2223